{ just for fun. }

loving my fitbit. 

been enjoying barn sales and time with friends. and dance parties. 

valentines at ten & six years old. that’s so fun. and special. and sweet. 

reminding myself choosing love always wins. and trying to teach my kids that too. 

party in the USA is still my favorite song, ever.

in the throes of creating a Barbie dream house for my girl turning six. 

been drawing & painting like crazy. and reading. like two books a week. 

tripp is getting ready to try something new. and he’s drawing and reading like crazy. it’s funny how kids are so like you it’s scary. 

whitley is my dancing queen. and will have her backhand spring by summer. i can just feel it. 

thinking of spring flowers, baseball & baby chicks. 

lunch with my brother every week has become my new favorite thing. and talking about life. and dreams. and laughing at family’isms. 

our grandma. she’s ninety. and she makes us laugh. and says everything you’re not supposed to say. but it’s so real & refreshing. and you can’t get mad. she’s ninety. 

and fun. trying to find fun in everyday. it’s my life motto. be different. have fun. so doing it. 

and disco balls. i really want one. i’m pretty sure i’ll have one by the end of this week. 

happy weekend. 

choose love. and fun. xoxo

heather b ✌🏻️❤️

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