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so i tossed and turned all night. because i found out yesterday that a local third grader took a gun to school. not our
elementary school. but a school just down the road.
my son is going to third grade. why? a million questions. nothing seems right or good. and then there’s the whole
parenting struggle. of course i explained to my husband that we just need to jerk him out of school and homeschool.
but that is out of fear. and let’s be honest. i’m not the homeschooling mom type. but i could be. in a heartbeat.

and let’s talk about fear. it took me two years. two. TWO years. to get the gumption to do this blog. i don’t know why.
maybe fear that people wouldn’t think what i have to say is important. but i stood up to that fear and did it anyway.

so i’m not sure what we will do. i’m sure we will keep him at that school. i will probably write a letter to the school board.
and i will keep typing away.

and here’s the random stuff.

1. trying this recipe today!

2. this song is in heavy rotation. it breathes summer. love it. and it’s country.

3. and trying to muster up confidence in myself…to figure out the what & why of this blog.

until next time…xoxo

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  1. girllllllll I love me some Florida Georgia Line!!! and I’m so glad you’re blogging. I go through spurts where I lovelovelove it and then other times it feels like a burden and like too much work. But I love having that outlet to get my thoughts out there. So you keep on keepin on! <3

    1. helen! me too, i love them! yes, it is just hard putting yourself out there! but it’s kind of therapeutic! lol! and thanks for checking it out! xoxo

  2. Such a scary world we live in huh! We had a verbal threat made at my son’s school a few months ago. Thankfully nothing came of it and the person has been removed. Both my kids go there and my Hubsy works there too, my whole world could be gone! My heart breaks for what others have gone through with school violence.

    on a happier note, you should get the Florida Georgia Line album if you don’t already have it, I listen to is pretty much daily 🙂 Every song is fun.

    Have a great day!

    1. krista! that is so scary! and it is such a scary world! i’m just so glad it’s summer break & i can rest easy knowing they are both at home with me! i’m so excited you mentioned the album, i’m going to check it out this weekend! thanks for the comment! xoxo

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