{ my dad }

so tomorrow is father’s day. and i have an amazing dad. i couldn’t imagine my life without either one of my parents.
so amazing. they are so supportive of me and my creative wild hairs. they only really truly want me to be happy.
but my dad. my dad kind of rolled his eyes when i brought home four little chicks 10 weeks ago.
those four little chicks. ten dollars worth of chickens.
ha. if we knew now all that would follow. i’ll tell you now. it was a spontaneous decision. we never intended on walking in that store to buy chickens. my, how life has changed since then. in so many ways.
i have so much to write, so much i want to share. about how fun & cute and sweet they are. about how they aren’t chickens, but my girls. my dad knew i couldn’t find the right coop online. he knew i was frustrated. and then the texts started about sending him some pictures. those pictures grew into sketches. next thing i know i am giving him a budget & he is helping me with my dreams.
i knew one day i was going to be like martha stewart and have chickens. and by goodness, my dad has made that a reality.
i could never say enough about how great he is, about how awesome my coop is…but i can say thank you.
thank you for being that dad. the dad that makes dreams come true. and for loving me & my kids that much.
and for helping your little girl.
i love you, dad.
forever & always.

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