{ better late than never }

dear willie,
tomorrow you get your first cast. it is a 10 week process.
your heel cord is tight in your left foot.

that sweet little club foot. that stubborn little foot.
its funny that your foot is as stubborn as you are.

but thankfully, you have an amazing doctor.
so tomorrow we start the process again trying to make it right.
much of life is spent trying to make things right.

but we pray, we believe & just know that God has a greater plan than me, you or your daddy knows about.
so we just have to believe that this is the right thing for you right now.

i am having a much harder time than you with this. today i had to cancel your dance classes we had signed up for.
today i got mad. mad at the timing, mad at the process.
a really stupid mad because in the big scheme of things, it could be so much worse.
so i had a pity party and got over it. it is what it is. and i’m thankful that it is all that it is.

but you, you just rock on.
i think i’m so consumed because i believed we were done.
and too, because no one ever wants to see their child have to go thru this. and i can’t fix it.

i remember the day you were born, i wondered if you would ever walk. little faith i had.
and you have amazed me thru all of this.
those sweet feet are a testament. not so much of medical advances…but in the way things go
if you follow a plan.

the day you were born with a left club foot, i will never forget how proud i was, because you were mine.
and i promised that i would never let it define you.

somedays i want to hide it because i don’t want the questions. but why hide it.
God made you this way. and it doesn’t define you. yes, it makes you a little different.
but thats okay. be different.
you have a story.
p.s. i should have taken these birthday pictures six months ago.

i guess it’s better late than never…
here’s to rocking a cast like nobody’s business.
here’s to embracing life.
here’s to 10 weeks.
let’s do this.
i love you so.

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  1. I remember the day Whitley was born and how special of a day it was. She was beautiful and perfect! Sending lots of love as y’all start this 10 week journey. Rock on Whitley Pearl! xo

    1. Alli! i do too! i love her so much & she is perfect. made in god’s image of how he wanted her.
      i am so glad i have you to love on her & send her love!! miss you! xo

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