{ life happens }

IMG_4969so i’ve meant to blog a thousand times. literally.
it takes a lot of time.

life happens.

a friend texted me that the other night. i was upset about a comment that was made about something on friday night, i was frustrated.
and she texted me that. that life happens. those people will get over it.
and i shouldn’t have to apologize. i really shouldn’t.


and speaking of life happens. whitley pearl goes in for her surgery this upcoming thursday. wow, three weeks with no cast sure did fly by.
and i just pray that these last six weeks fly by too. when i say she’s a tough cookie, she really is. she’s stronger than me…
*and if you have questions about the last three weeks without the cast, the process just didn’t work so what they were trying to fix with the cast, will just now be fixed in the surgery…


on the homefront, i painted the coop door bright red today & the steps a glossy black. LB said he was expecting polka dots & glitter.
i might just work on that next week! 😉

and in other exciting news, we had five baby chicks…all rhode island red girls. come home last week to two.
what the heck happened to three chicks. mother nature, cats? a snake? like they literally disappeared. gone.
so we have snookie & molly.

and then a funny story is i “rescued” three girls a month or so ago from a local garden supply store…not really rescued but it was a super hot day and they were in that tiny cage and they had furry legs. so cute. and i was promised that they all three were girls. but not so much. each week we kept thinking they are roosters when today, LB told me Barbie was really Ken. And Cutie really is Rico Suave.
And Hazel really should be named more like Basil or Maple. seriously, these chickens & the drama.

and tripp, sweet tripper. school is in full swing, baseball games. fall ball. getting big. likes girls. makes my heart hurt. but in a good way. he’s just getting so big so fast. he’s my boy. my sweet soul.


i find myself alot of days just trying to soak all of this life in. like a sponge.

and then theres the matters of my heart if i am being honest. my heart has been having a battle. a battle of time. of priorities.
instagram, i do love it. candy crush, seriously addicting. i dont even bother with facebook but i do wonder. how to people do twitter, facebook, tumblr. when i do two things. candy crush & instagram and have to really talk myself out of those lots of time.
its a battle. and i think, what in the world. so daily, i have been trying to spend less time logging my pictures, taking time to just be present & just be. sometimes i battle capturing those moments & at peace just taking it all in my memory. and i think…my parents, my in-laws…they all did just fine and never had what we have available. so i’m trying to let go…

and in life, i’ve been praying a lot for direction. what my purpose is. i wish i could blog and say all is perfect and well, but sometimes it’s not. and that is okay too. it just means i’m in between where i need to be…somedays i battle should i be homeschooling and i know that answer, but i still question it. sometimes i’m not sure where we need to be in church. i get angry. because sometimes i just want the easy way. just like with weight loss. it’s slowly coming off. but it’s still a matter of my heart. so i’m just in this season of life. it’s weird but i’m seriously trying to embrace it. be okay with it.


i’m just a small town girl, trying to be a mom, balance it all, and i have disappearing chickens.
really, life happens.
xoxo…until next time.

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