{ what you shall do }

tomorrow, you go in for surgery. hopefully your last, but still, this is what you shall do.
i’ll never forget the day we had you, we had expected them to take you off to see about what they had seen on screen during an ultrasound.
they had thought something may be wrong with your kidneys then once or twice they thought they saw a spot that needed to be viewed via ultrasound. nothing serious…but still, they were going to check it out…and then you came into this world with the sweetest foot i had ever seen. not expecting it, a complete suprise.
but a beautiful suprise, nonetheless.


but i didn’t see a club foot. i saw my sweet little girl.
i now understand the beauty of not having those tests run during pregnancy that tell you whether your baby has downs syndrome, etc.
because had i known, i wouldn’t love you any less.
we had 3D ultrasounds and many extra ultrasounds trying to figure out those other spots..all the while you had that sweet club foot.

and i hope the world see’s you that way too.
that smile, those dimples.
a sweet spirited little girl.
and show them the miracle of your feet.
because believing in this process & dr. frino & his team at brenners…
believing in the Lord to answer our prayers…
knowing that you are strong enough for this, sometimes more than us…
has brought forth a little girl who dares to be different.
look how far you have come.
willie, this hurts me more than it does you.
the hardest thing ever is seeing your children go thru something hard.
but sometimes we have to do hard things…so this is what you shall do…

i love you more than you will ever know.
and tomorrow, you get a ‘new foot’ with new muscles, new tendons & a longer heel cord.
and there is no end to what you shall do…
your very flesh shall be a great poem.

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