{ i’m creative, not coordinated }

gosh, i’ve been soooo very busy lately.

finding time to blog is crazy.

but i thought ya’ll could relate to this…
so i’ve hired a girl, lori. she is a personal trainer. she comes to my house two days a week and we work out. i mean we work out. she makes me sweat, makes me do hard things i would never, ever do myself. she pushes me, but in the best kind of way.
sometimes i just want to call her before she gets here and cancel. sometimes i just don’t want to do it. i’m not the “workout” kind of girl. but she’s is the best kind of person for me. she gently reminds me each and every workout that this is for me. how easily we forget to do things for ourselves & take care of ourselves. i’m so thankful for her.

and God used her the other day in our workout to remind of my “gift”…i was complaining that i was sure i did not have the “prettiest” form, and we were laughing that i looked like a chicken. and then i was like…”i’m not coordinated to do this…” and she said…


sometimes i doubt that. why? but i was so grateful for that little comment. and so thankful to have a gift to share like i am so thankful she shares her gift.


thought i would share a few of my favorite things today…people who have crazy gifts that inspire me & make me happy…

1. my favorite bloggers right now are

www.beinthemomentphoto.com/blog , www.jonesdesigncompany.com & www.lifeingraceblog.com

2. my favorite songs is

Brantley Gilbert – “My Kind of Crazy” Official Music Video from Brantley Gilbert on Vimeo.


3. my favorite book is

4. and one of my favorite apps is…

hoping to share some more fun stuff next week & maybe a few of the projects i’ve been working on…

happy friday! xoxo

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