today, i felt lighter.
not so much weight wise, but i have been saying no a lot lately.
no to projects that require time away from my kids & husband.
no to facebook and i really need to say no to instagram.
said no to spring chicks, because let’s be honest…chickens are hard work.

i’m going to enjoy this summer. i need it.

but i did say yes, to buying the rights to the new domain you see up in your browser.
and i said yes to a few invitations that i couldn’t pass up making for some friends this summer.
i said yes to a one night trip to raleigh with my husband this weekend that was way overdue.

and i’m saying yes to life. living it. loving it.

i’ve got a lot of catching up to do here in this little space, so i’m forewarning ya! 😉
lots of photography branding projects to share & whitley’s birthday party {just for you bianca!}
might just share some of the photos from our raleigh trip.

& i’m saying yes to getting back to blogging. its a place to share me. us.

happy thursday ya’ll.

-heather b

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