{ blueberry pancakes }

so my son has a new addiction.
thanks to his nana, she suggested getting him his own toaster to make his own waffles…
i’m not gonna say that he makes waffles everyday, but it seems like it. 😉

{ and can i just say i’m super jealous of all the utah girls that get #waffleluv waffles… }

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anyways, sunday morning, sweet tripper made me two eggo waffles. special. that’s love.

so i had some blueberries that i needed to use.
watch out, this is no barefoot contessa recipe, just sayin’…

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i added like a splash of water to my pan, a handful of blueberries, and a tablespoon of sugar.
i’m in denial that “i quit sugar” is currently on my bedside table. :/

but seriously, do this.
it’ll make you feel fancy. and smile.

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your welcome.
fist pumps for eggo waffles and sons that think you are that special.
happy monday ya’ll.

-heather b

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