{ no. 3 }

 you are almost ten, but at least that’s still almost. how in the world did that happen? 



such fun. you have this amazing personality. curious. defiant. imaginative. inventive.  spirited. strong willed but quiet soul. this quote reminded me of you. 

i tried all day to capture those freckles. finally. 

and things i don’t want to forget… you love fishing, baseball, Legos, building stuff, jokes and dubsmash. a little goofy but in a good  “almost” ten year old way. 😉 you think you are old enough to watch Tammy and push me on my parental limits. very much a daddy’s boy. still. but you do love me, and you are so forgiving. I always tell you that you’re my first and remind you i’ve never been a momma before and i get a lot wrong, but you just hug me and say it’s okay. sigh. and i hope you remember all the things i’m trying to teach you about being a gentleman and being respectful. but you are already so much good and teach me more everyday. 

tripper beck, i love you! had the most fun. wish we could beach it forever…maybe one day… xo



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