{ forgotten }

I don’t even know who reads this blog but I promise I haven’t forgotten it. It’s just I don’t know what to write anymore. 

It’s my New Years resolution if there is such a thing to try to come back to this space. 


2016 is upon us. my motto this upcoming year is to be the light. #letsshine ⭐️ 

{ life lately & hokomojis }

 54 days until kindergarten. 

life lately feels a lot like this picture… blurry. fast. messy.  and man did those five years at home with her go by so quickly. 

and this is my favorite quote right now. 

and my favorite song… this week.  

and I learned that there are people who don’t even know what emojis are, like my dad. 😂 #blesshim tonight he said what are hokomojis?!! 

and life lately, just busy. summer. golf cart rides. beach trips. sleeping in. baseball. and slip’n slides.  


{ my one thing }

this is on repeat. obsessed.


Your voice ever close you called me
You never gave up pursuing
I fell in love you stole my heart

Your hand ever near I hold to
I long for your heart to know you
Just to live in your fellowship

Just to be close to you Just to walk next to you
This is my one thing You are my one thing
Just to be close to you Just to walk next to you
This is my one thing You are my one thing

My eyes ever fixed upon you
To live like a child to trust you
I’ll hold on to this treasured love
My life ever set at your feet
I give you my heart completely
To live this life always by your side

I have to know you
All that’s within me
Cries out for your presence, God
Nothing compares
There’s no one else
Jesus you’re my one desire

{ our itty bitty graduate }

 if i remember anything about yesterday, i want to remember her excitement, her spunky personality and her reminding me that she really wants to go to kindergarten but she wants me to go too!

she is the most fun! ❤️