{ willie & taylor }

that’s her kitty, taylor swift. she was chex mix for about a week prior. that’s what you get when your momma’s name is party! red solo cup was in the top ten 🙅 she’s been drug around everywhere, nonstop cuddling. talking. and more talking. penny for that cat’s thoughts. animals are just kind of her thing. loves them. talks about being a vet all the time. that might change, but I love her just the same.    Poor Taylor swift. welcome to our crazy!  ❤️

{ last day of pre-k }


 so be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. and remember that life’s agreat balancing act. and will you succeed? yes! you will, indeed! 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed. kid, you’ll move mountains!
 -dr. Seuss

{ our day }

There are moments here lately I catch myself holding my breath, trying to soak up life. And I have to remind myself to breathe. today she actually went to preschool. we went to the post office. Then came home to eat lunch and “pretended” to take a bath and she was really careful with my anthropologie candles 😂 

but truly, I want to remember the days of having this green bathroom that I hate. Worst mistake ever. When I have an extra $200 it’s getting a fresh coat of white. 

And towel holders with no towels, the front cover of the tub is crooked, no plants in planters and all of that is because we live on one income. But I can assure you they won’t ever think of those things, she’s gonna remember I let her get in that bathtub to pretend and we giggled and watched birds…


And I hope she remembers these rainy days. and that dreadful green bathroom. 😉  

{ on being best frands }

say that in your most southern drawl and smile. That’s what whitley pearl would do. she tells me that she’s my best frand almost daily and asks if I still love her earrings. girl can’t wait to go to kindergarten. Who’s gonna be my daily lunch date & snuggle partner. It’s funny when you realize your baby isn’t so much your baby anymore…sigh.   This girl, she’s my best frand. 

That toe, it’s my favorite. ❤️ 

Happy Friday y’all!! xo


{ your best }

Time. it’s my struggle lately. and this is such a great reminder. so though I love doing my cards and party stuff…I love being a momma more. And these five little words rocked my world yesterday just reminding me that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. ❤️ tripper & whitley pearl are my best life’s work and I hope they look back one day seeing the time I put into being their momma. time, it’s something you can’t get back. and you’re not guaranteed tomorrow’s. and you better make the best use of it. for there are little eyes watching your every move and they see how you spend your time…