{ second grade }

so today is your last day of second grade. technically, monday is. but i’m letting you skip it.
you are so excited for summer vacation to start.
tripper, you are such a good boy. i will never forget last night. looking over at you sitting next to me in the car.
you were playing on your ds. me on my iphone. waiting for whitley pearl to get out of dance. and i just said, you want to go on an adventure, and you smiled a smile i will never forget.
you were up for it. i love your sense of adventure. your willingness to see something new. to go for it.

you are so curious. we had so much fun walking the streets of our small town. something i have never done. i hope you remember these times. we live in such a age of technology, of instant gratification. sometimes, remember to set that all aside to live. to be present. i had the best kind of time with you. just you & me…

and just so i never forget…second grade. your best buddies are cameron, jaxon & barrett. no girlfriends. you still love to read. playing guitar. love baseball. and love fishing.
you and your sister fuss everyday, completely normal. you have the best heart. daddy’s boy. you were so excited about your annual. i want to remember you writing to everyone…”good luck next year on your EOG’s.” you are eight years old. gosh, how did you go through second grade in the blink of an eye.

it just seemed like yesterday you went to kindergarten.
i love you so much…and those freckles too.